now dance!" He said激情无码人妻又粗又大

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now dance!" He said激情无码人妻又粗又大

Lita had just finished getting ready to go out for the night and was looking in the mirror to see if she approved of the reflection. She had long wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, and full pouty lips. Her 5'2 frame was heightened by heels as usual and a black sequined mini dress tightly wrapped around her petite body and small but beautifully rounded and perky breasts. She smiled and decided she looked pleasing enough. She poured herself a drink and turned on the TV to pass the time while she got a little tipsy before leaving for the party. A couple of drinks later she heard a slight noise behind her and quickly turned her head to see what had produced the sound, her eyes caught a flash of sudden movement and then everything went black. Lita woke up in what seemed to be some kinda shop, the walls were ridged metal and there were various tools laying about. Her head hurt extremely bad and she was immediately cold, still only wearing the mini dress, the cement floor was hard and freezing to her skin and her shoes were nowhere to be seen. Without much thought she quickly jumped up to her feet in an attempt to sporadically run outside of this place. However, before she even took 5 bounds she was harshly ripped back to the floor by a tether that was connected to a collar around her neck. She choked and coughed for awhile and her hands went up to finger the leather collar around her now sore neck. She broke into wild sobs of fright and tried to tear at the collar...in the midst of all this panic lights flashed on, brightening the previously dim building, Lita heard jingling and immediately after saw two large Doberman Pinscher's run up to her. Lita automatically screamed as the dogs started licking her face, she slightly calmed once she realized they weren't going to attack her. She saw that the two dogs were wearing collars almost identical to her own, only they each had name tags dangling from there's; Drake and Tiberius. Plain shock and confusion temporarily silenced her cries.At hearing footsteps Lita looked up to see a man walk towards here with a slight but cruel smile on his face, as if he had just made a clever joke at someone's expense. "Who are you?!! What do you want with me? Please let me go! Let me go!" Lita began screaming frantically which was immediately answered by the two dogs starting to growl and bare their teeth at her. Noticing this Lita stopped and was gasping for air, tears streaming down her face, she relinquished a final and diminished "Please...help me." "Good job, boys. Drake..Tiberius...here" The man said calmly while pulling two dog treats out of his suit pocket. The dogs came over to retrieve the treats and the man stroked each one one of them lovingly behind the ears for a moment, then he looked down towards Lita...his cold eyes narrowing in on her. "You'll learn quickly that my dogs don't take kindly to screaming...if you want some advice, I'd make as little noise as possible." He walked towards her and roughly put his hand under her chin and forced her face upwards to look at her closely. "Let's get this established right here and now...I kidnapped you from your apartment, and you are now mine. Simple as that. You will take everything that I wish to subject you to. And maybe after some time, I'll let you free...but that won't be for quite awhile so I wouldn't worry about it. I can't stress this enough...don't plead or beg for your freedom because you won't get it and you'll only annoy me. You are my possession now. You exist basically as furniture...even my two dogs outrank you. Got it?"Lita just let out some more frantic sobs...she couldn't believe this was happening to her. No, it couldn't...she'll wake up soon or this will be just some sick joke. She felt sick...oh god, this was real. Instinctually she let out more whimpers and a nearly inaudible "Pll...ease." She was responded to by a sharp slap in the face by the man. "I won't tell you again...just shut up. Don't speak unless spoken to and refer to me always as "Master." Do I make myself clear?" He emphasized his question with a threatening jerk on her tether. She took a couple seconds to speak, her mouth not wanting to work correctly, "Y---Yes, Master" She looked down at the ground still crying."Good, good. Now what shall we name this little bitch?" The man she only knew as Master said, more to the dogs than to her. "Hmmm, a good name will come to me eventually...for now just 'bitch' will work.""First things first, take those fucking clothes off, bitch! You're not good enough for clothes. Clothes are for people not worthless pets!" He yelled at her.It took Lita a second to react but out of fear she quickly unzipped herself out of the dress...she hadn't been wearing a bra but she hesitated when it came to her black panties. Master saw this hesitation and quickly leaned out and pinched her cold hard nipple extremely hard and even twisted it slightly. Lita let out a small yelp, hindered by the previous warning about the dogs being trained to lash out against loud noise.She quickly pulled her panties down her legs, around her feet, and let them lay on the floor. She tried to keep her legs losed out of embarrassment but the man roughly kicked her knees apart."No, let's see the bitch's pussy. I need to inspect what kinda bitch I own." He gruffly demanded.She helplessly held her knees open as she sat naked on the cold cement. "Well, at least your shaved...stand up and get on this table so I can have a better look." He ordered.She quickly got to her feet and pulled herself up onto the rough work table. Master unlocked the tether around her collar and pushed her back onto the table so she was laying flat on it. He roughly spread her legs.He began pulling her cunt lips apart and prodding at her clit as well as stretching her lips by pulling them roughly. Out of nowhere he delivered a sharp slap directly to her pussy, causing her to jerk in pain and bring her knees up. He quickly grabbed her legs and slammed them back into their former position.Lita out of fear, murmured a panicked apology.He ignored her and started toying with her stiff nipples...pulling them and roughly pinching them. And then he moved down to her asshole and started prodding it."Have you ever been fucked in your ass, bitch?" He demanded.Lita surprised by the question quickly said, "No...never."He smiled cruelly, "We'll definitely fix that."Lita started to protest but realized it would be futile. " Well, let's see how wet you get...start rubbing yourself." He stated nonchalantly."Wh--what?" Lita asked, in a state of shock.His hand shot out and swiftly and strongly pinched her clit. Lita let out a tiny scream. "You fucking heard me...don't play innocent, you dirty little bitch."Tears once again started pouring out of her eyes as her hand slowly and awkwardly started rubbing her clit.Master just stood back and watched as if he were a judge in a contest. "You're not stopping til you get wet...so put some fucking feeling into it, you dumb whore." He said in a low voice.Lita closed her eyes and tried to focus...she could feel the cold air on her naked pussy and this strange man's eyes...before long her touch began to stir up pleasurable feelings and she felt her cunt begin to grow damp. She kept her eyes closed and quickened her pace, after awhile she felt a warm gush of cum push out of her cunt hole and her clit was now large and swollen. "Stick a finger in, bitch, then show me how wet you are." He demanded.Lita forced her finger into her slippery snatch and began to slowly fuck herself, and then she pulled it back out to show the man. She saw a string of wetness strung from her wet finger to her engorged and shining cunt."Mmmm...good. A real wet fucking slut. You're soaking on demand, aren't you? You dirty little whore." He cruelly teased her, "Now suck all that cunt juice off your finger."Lita, still obviously scared, was now aroused, unwillingly but still aroused. She put her finger inside her mouth and tasted her sweet and salty wetness. "Alright, let's see how much of a whore you are..." The man said as he undid his belt and let his pants fall to his feet revealing a extremely large and extremely hard cock. He sat down on a wooden chair nearby, " Now get off that table and come over here and ride my dick. Don't just go through the motions because you have to ride it until you cum...and I can feel when a bitch comes so don't try some stupid shit."Lita just gazed at him somewhat delirious from this brutal kidnapping and her arousal. "NOW, BITCH." He yelled.She quickly scrambled off the table and over to him, she awkwardly tried to mount his lap and he forcefully slammed her down onto his giant cock by grabbing her hips. Lita gasped in pain as she felt the hot dick rammed into her tight pussy. She sat motionless for a second."C'mon, slut. If you don't cum quick enough you'll be punished!" He threatened as he put his arms at his side, a gesture that implied she was to do all the work.She began jerking up and down, sliding back and forth on th length of his cock. She felt so humilated...a bystander seeing the scene would think she was extremely horny and desperate to fuck. She didn't want to find out what this man would do as a punishment though, and start to grind into him madly. She could feel her tits bouncing around as she bounced on his dick.She could feel herself on the verge of an orgasm and began pumping her hips up and down even faster and finally she could feel an intense pressure rise up inside her cunt and immediately explode into waves of ecstasy. She could feel hot cum gush out of her, spraying out of her from the pressure of dickas she squirted everywhere. Almost before she was even done cumming and could catch her breath the man pushed her off his dick and onto to the floor. "Whoa, I have a squirter! What a fucking little slut! You loved it, didn't you, bitch??" He laughed at her.She laid on the ground completely humiliated, but her whole body warm and satisfied...which just added to her humiliation.He started pushing his boot into her stomach, "Hey, I asked you a question, slut! You loved it, didn't you? Come on! Thank me! Thank me and lick all your cum of my dick, slut."Lita got on her knees and tearfully whimpered, "Thank you, Master...thank you for fucking me. I l-loved it..." Her face was red with shame as he shoved his still hard cock into her face and forced her to lick off every drip of cum from it. "Alright, that's enough, slut." He said while ripping her mouth off his cock by her hair. "Now get on your knees, head on the floor, and spread your ass open. And keep it open, bitch"Lita tearfully did so, not liking where this was going. It was a really uncomfortable position and if possible she was even more embarrassed then she already had been. She had never had any kind of anal play whatsoever and now here she was on the floor spreading her ass cheeks apart for a sadistic stranger.Master was shuffling through stuff on a nearby work bench but Lita couldn't really see in her awkward position. Soon enough she saw him walk back towards here wheeling what seemed to be a hospital IV stand. When he got to her she could see it had a huge bag of what looked like water suspended from it."Have you ever heard of an enema, slut?"She whimpered, "Yes, Master" She couldn't believe this was about ready to happen to her.She felt him slather some cold and thick gel onto her tight and puckered asshole...she assumed it was lube. And without a moments delay he was working some kind of rounded knob into her ass. She tried her best to keep quiet but it hurt so bad...she could feel the rim of her asshole stretching and it felt like it would tear. Finally the thick opening of the hose popped into her asshole, with her tight opening wrapped around the narrow part of the tube. He let go and the tube was held tightly in place. She began to feel a cool stream of water enter her ass canal and she uncomfortably shifted."Keep still!" Master yelled as she slapped her ass hard. She winced at the sharp pain but was even more concerned with the strange feeling of her ass, and now her stomach it seemed, being filled with the cool water. Master got down on his knees and felt her stomach and she could feel the water sloshing around inside her. He smiled as he poked her stomach and pushed it inwards knowing it caused her discomfort. She groaned as her insides started to cramp. Finally the bag emptied out and she was relieved, but only for a split second. He shifted behind her and sternly ordered, " I'm going to take the tube out now and you're going to clench your ass as hard as you can. Even if a drop of water comes out you'll be sorry." He delivered another smack to her ass for emphasis.He slowly began to twist the knob out of her ass, it hurt so much that it made it really hard to keep her ass tight but she tried her hardest out of fear. And with a popping noise he pulled it completely out of her ass."Alright, now get up...keep holding that ass shut!" He yelled.Lita slowly and awkwardly maneuvered to a standing position, she was slightly hunched over due to her fulland cramping stomach. The man laughed, obviously amused."Alright, now dance!" He said, laughing.Lita stared at him, pleading with her eyes. He twisted her nipples extremely hard at her reluctance, "Bitch, I said dance! Dance for me like the little whore you are."Lita, starting to cry once more, started to rotate and sway her hips trying to mimic the movements of a stripper. She knew she probably looked so ridiculous, freakishly dancing with her ass clenched tight as she could and stomach swollen. "Come on, whore. You're going to have to try harder than that. That wouldn't turn anyone on!" He cruelly teased.After what seemed like forever and just when she didn't think she'd be able to hold it in anymore he told her she could stop.He led her over to the other end of the compound and told her to squat over a drain in the floor. "Alright, you can let it out."With immense relief she unclenched her ass and felt a stream of water gush out of her...every couple of seconds the stream would stop and then begin to spray out again unevenly. She couldn't believe how much water had been inside her...just when she thought all of it was out she would start spraying again."Come on, bitch...squeeze hard! I want it all out." She tightened her muscles and squeezed as hard as she could while a final gush of water splashed out...she felt so disgusting doing this while he watched."Alright, now walk back to the table, lean over it, and open up your ass again! Hurry!" He ordered.She quickly did so, dreading what she knew was coming. She leaned her torso over the table but realized she was too short to touch the ground, while leaning onto it since her hips didn't quite reach the table top.He immediately noticed it and ordered her to jump up, lay her torso on the table while her bottom half and legs dangled off with her feet hanging inches from the floor. Her weight crushed her hip bones uncomfortably on the table and it hurt even more to stretch her arms back to spread her ass open."Now,国产精品国产三级在线专区 beg for me to fuck your ass. Beg like the nasty whore you are. Really convince me you want it." He said.Lita bit her lip in shame, took a breath of air and started, "Please, Master...Please fuck my ass. Please, I need it. This horny slut needs her...ass fucked. Please, Master.""Alright, alright...don't seem so pathetic!" He said. And before she knew what was happening he grabbed her hips from behind and rammed his dick hard into her ass, which was still slightly gaping from the enema. She unwittingly screamed but he didn't seem to mind this time. She felt like she was being torn in half...there wasn't near enough lube still remaining and she could feel the friction as his dick pounded in and out. Her asshole was spasming strangely and she was moaning with pain. He fucked her mercilessly for about 10 minutes, Lita felt that she might pass out from the pain, and then he slowed his pace down and moaned as she felt a hot stream spray into her tight asshole. He pulled out and she could immediately feel the cum push out of her burning ass and drip down her legs. There seemed to be a ton of it as it kept flowing out of her throbbing ass. Once again he forced his waning cock into her face and demanded she lick him clean. She did so submissively, in a daze from the pain and almost happy for it to be over. "What a tight little asshole, you sloppy cunt! Thank me for fucking your ass so good!""Thank you, Master." She meekly said"Alright, I think I'll call you Squirt...since you obviously love to cum and squirt all over like a little whore in heat." He said while stroking her back. "Now, get up...I have things to do for the rest of the night so you're going to bed."She gingerly got up from the table, her ass in so much pain, she could barely walk it seemed. However, walking was deemed unneccessary as he pushed her to the ground. " You're to crawl unless told otherwise!" He chastised her gruffly.He led her to a large metal dog pen in the corner that had a few old blankets inside. She crawled in and he locked it up. "Alright, goodnight, Squirt. I want you to sleep with your legs spread open...If I come her in the morning and you're legs are closed I'll fuck you with a dog brush, got it? Trust me, little sluts don't like that...I would know." He laughed as he walked out the door. Then the lights shut off leaving her in complete darkness. Lita spread her legs open and fell asleep crying.************************************************************************She awoke to the two dogs, Drake and Tiberius, brushing up against her cage. Their collars making clinking noises against the metal frame of the cage. She was immediately relieved to see that she had somehow held her legs open all night...apparently the fear allowed her subconscious to enable it.She looked up to see the Master strolling her towards her."Well, already showcasing that little cunt off this morning? Such a slut! You better not tease Tiberius and Drake!" He smugly greeted her.Lita didn't like that implication."Alright, crawl out of there now, Squirt." He said as he opened the cage door.Lita groggily obeyed, depressed that yesterday hadn't been a nightmare only.Master now had a little riding crop and he sharply brought it down on her ass as she crawling out of the cage. She winced with pain but noted that the dogs were staying away from her, they must be trained to keep their distance."Follow me, bitch." He led her over to what she thought looked like a meat hook suspended from the high ceiling."Now stand up."She stood and he roughly grabbed her hands and bound them with rope, not tightly together though...but with a few inches of rope loose between her hands. He then pulled her hands over her head and pulled the loose rope over the hook so that she was lightly stretched with her arms held up and feet on the floor."Now, be sure to be a good little slut or I'll raise the hook and you'll have to stand on your tippy toes." He said while brushing the riding crop over her breasts, and then out of nowhere snapping one of her nipples with it. Having been stung unexpectedly she let out a tiny yelp of pain to which he punished with another slap to her other nipple."Now, spread your feet apart" He said while smacking her inner left shin with the crop to get her to stand with her legs apart.Once her legs were spread to his liking, her fastened them in place by some metal rings drilled into the floor. He raised the crop up to her pussy and lightly slapped at it for a bit. Then he went off to one of the work benches for a few seconds and came back with a few things that Lita couldn't quite descipher."These, my slut, are nipple clamps! You'll love them." And without delay he pinched a small metal clamp with slightly pointed little teeth down onto her nipple. It hurt immediately on her small sensitive nipples and she winced, then he clamped on the other one. "And these, are for your lips" He held up two clamps similar to the ones on her nipples to her face, but they had little chains attached to each of them with what seemed like a fishing weight hanging on each end, "Your cunt lips, of course. Last night I noticed they're not as long and full as they should be. Luckily for you, I'll fix that! It'll take time of course, but I'm sure a dirty slut like you will enjoy it." Lita's eyes opened wide as he reached down and attached each clamp and weight on her labia. The pain in her nipples had already began to dull even though she noticed her nipples were enlarged and very red, but these clamps shot a new pain through her body. Her pussy lips were already a tender area and now they had metal pinching into them and pulling downwards by the weight. She could feel the little weights dangling around with her thighs. Master smiled at her, "Well, now I'll just let you enjoy yourself for awhile...we'll need to do this for awhile each day so your lips stretch out. I'll leave Tiberius and Drake to keep you company." He gave one more painful swat to her clit with the riding crop and then walked towards the door and then outside.Lita groaned. How long would he leave her like this? How many days would she be forced to do this, more importantly? Would he ever let her go...? She began to grow sad, but no more tears came...maybe she cried all of them out yesterday. She began to think if her cunt lips really would stretch out and was even more dismayed. She didn't want them to be longer...She looked down at her nipples, they seemed extremely red and swollen...the skin swelling up around the clamps. But now they just ached with a dull pain...a dull pain that seemed to travel back and forth to her pussy. Was she really becoming aroused? Goddammit, she thought. I can't believe this...before these last couple days she never thought she could get excited against her will. She bent her neck to look down at her cunt and cringed at the sight her lips being pulled downwards by the weights...the skin surrounding the clamps very red...but the pain just a dull ache now. She noticed her clit, now slightly engorged, pushing through the upper labia. Then one of the dogs brushed against her legs. They were now starting to nervously pace around...it seemed as if they were nervous about their Master coming back.She tried to push them away by bending her legs as much as she dared, but it seemed to make them more agitated. Tiberius actually started to growl so she fearfully stopped, thinkingthey might attack her or alert the Master. Tiberius quit growling but started to nudge his head in between her legs, as dogs tend to do, painfully causing the weights to swing back and forth. "Go away!" She sternly said but he just growled again. Finally he was pressing his snout into her cunt and he started to lick.Oh god, no...she thought. What if the Master came back and saw? Maybe the sick bastard wanted this to happen. She was so disgusted...she tried to shift her weight around and jimmy her hips about to shew him away but it wasn't working and only made the clamp weights swing around in a painful way. Soon she felt Drake come up from behind and begin to nose around her ass, slipping his tongue in between her crack. She could feel his warm dog drool drip down her ass and thigh. She didn't make a sound being afraid they might bite her sensitive regions. Tiberius was now full fledged licking her cunt with his big sloppy tongue, and Drake Drake started lapping from behind trying to share the juices that were no doubt beginning to leak from her cunt.She had never been so mortified in her life, especially at the fact that she knew she was beginning to get turned on. She could feel her clit becoming even more swollen...her nipples deliciously aching. She noticed juices beginning to drip out of her cunt, only causing the dogs to lick more vigorously. Tiberius' tongue sensing the source of the wetness began poking his tongue into her pussy hole, Drake lapping up what he could from behind.She could feel their teeth just gently graze her cunt and ass. She was just starting to barely moan when she heard the door swing open loudly.Her head snapped up in fright to see the Master staring at her."Tiberius! Drake!" He yelled. The dogs immediately coward away from her and ran to his heels. "What the fuck, slut? He said, walking towards her quickly " You loved being tied their with those clamps on so much you just had to get my dogs to pleasure you?! Unbelievable."Coming up to her she slapped each breast extremely hard. Already made sensitive by the clamps, the slaps caused a super intense pain to her tits. Her nipples began to burn. He leaned into her and began underhand slapping her cunt over and over again, driving the clamps in further. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Lita shrieked with pain. " They just started doing it! I couldn't stop them!""But that didn't stop you from enjoying it though, did it?" He asked, still taking turns smacking her throbbing tits and cunt."No, I didn't!" She whined just wanting him to stop."Then why is your cunt soaking wet?!" He yelled as he shoved his open hand on her face, smearing all her pussy cream all over her face. "I ...couldn't help it, Master. I'm sorry!" She begged.He let up and and was now only lightly flicking at her nipples, still pretty painful. " Well listen up, bitch. My dogs still out rank you, you worthless fuck hole. They get to do whatever they want to, if I'll let them. And you'll just have to deal with it." He started chuckling now while also beginning to untie her hands.Her arms loose and now back at her sides, they felt really sore from being held up for so long. Then he unhooked her feet from the floor and she stood there before him awkwardly."Now, your punishment for lying about not enjoying it. You will have to slap at each of your nipples until the clamps snap off. Got it, whore?" He asked cynically."Yes, Master?" Dreading the pain but wanting to please him so her punishment wouldn't be worse."Go on then!!" He yelled in her face.Lita took a breath, raised up her right hand, cringed, and then slapped her left nipple hard. The pain was intensely sharp, she could feel the teeth of the clamp drag into her skin but it didn't fall off."HARDER, BITCH. Like you mean it!" He yelled again.This time she rose her hand and struck at the tip of her nipple again, this time causing the clamp to clatter to the floor. Her nipple began to sting and burn much more than before, it was very red and swollen and completely hard.She rose her had to the other nipple and repeated the same action. The clamp also flew to the floor and another intense pain seized her throbbing nipple."Alright, good, you little bitch. We'll keep the clamps on your lips though." He smiled while pinching one her nipples painfully. They were so unbelievably hard and sensitive."Now get on your knees and open your mouth." He demanded.Lita quickly did and he shoved his hard dick into her mouth and began to her mercilessly throat fuck her. She almost gagged several times and tears were streaming down her face. Finally her ripped his cock out and sprayed his hot load all over her face. She felt it drip down her face and down her neck, she went to wipe some off her eyelids but Master immediately smacked her hand out of the way. "No! Let it dry like that, you dirty cum slut." He zipped up his pants and walked over to a chair by the large table and sat down. "Now crawl over her, Squirt" He called while slapping his thighs as if she were another one of his dogs. The cum was beginning to grow cold on her face and she felt it harden. She knew she must look ridiculous but she crawled over to him, feeling the weights awkwardly dangle between her legs."Get up on the table now." He said.She rose up, got up on the table, and laid on her back. He got up and spread her legs and painfully released each of the clamps. Taking them off brought back the pain rather than the dull ache and she felt her lips slowly begin to draw back up after being stretched out for so long.He walked back over to his work shelves and shortly returned. He had to dildos in his hands. One large and girthy, probably about 9 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. The other was short and cone shaped...just probably 2 inches in diameter at the base. Without a word he shoved the bigger one deep into her pussy, and the other roughly into her ass. Lita gasped with pain and shock. She was completely stuff full and it seemed she could feel the two toys almost touch each other through the thin membrane of skin. She could feel the toys beginning to slide out but Master roughly shoved them back in and began taping them in. He didn't seem to care how much tape her used or that he was smoothing it over her lower stomach, ass, and thighs. She lay there under his gazefeeling completely stretched out. He then grabbed her tether and connected it to her collar, and locked the other end around the table.He then disappeared for a minute into a storage closet that she just noticed was there and came back with a video camera on a tripod. He set it up in front of the table, aimed at her and spread open and stuff up cunt, her face covered with dried cum. "Now, I'm going to leave on business for awhile...I'll probably be gone around four hours...I want you to masturbate and cum 8 times while I'm gone...Got it? When I come back and check the camera I better see you cum that many times or you will seriously regret it, slut."And with that he quickly paced out the door and was gone..



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